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Looking to refresh your hairdressing techniques with an advanced course?

Ready to progress your career in hairdressing? Our comprehensive advanced-level hairdressing courses will provide you with essential knowledge and skills, from styling, colouring and cutting techniques, down to consultation best practices. Take your first steps toward commercial stylist success today!

Learn the Basics of Hairdressing

Our foundation cutting course covers the fundamentals cutting techniques of ladies hairdressing from initial client consultation, the top five foundation hair cuts, finishing with styling, whilst maintaining safety and professional practices. With hands-on practice with a variety of hair types and textures, you’ll be ready for a commercial success with every new client that comes your way!

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Understand Hair Colouring Techniques

Learn the fundamentals of hair colour – from understanding the basic colour wheel to choosing the right shade for each client’s unique look. Perfect your skills by using balayage, highlights and lowlights, foils, toners and more in order to create a perfect, customised hair design for every customer. With your newfound knowledge in hair colour imagination will be the only limit!

Master Advanced Styling Techniques

Put your newfound colour skills to use by mastering the art of styling. Learn advanced techniques such as beach wave curls, undo-ing, pin curls, thermal setting and setting with irons. You’ll also learn the art of creating updos and applying the ever-popular French braid. Gain experience in running consultations and how to quote.

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Familiarise yourself with styling tools and techniques

Whether you are tackling a new trend or an updo for a special occasion, all hair styling requires specific tools and techniques. Familiarise yourself with the styling basics of hairstyling so you have a foundation to build from when creating your signature hair creations. This includes mastering the use of brushes, combs, curling irons, straighteners and other thermal products. Learn about blow-drying technique and practice applying products in order to create texture and lift.

Master modern colouring techniques

Once you know the basics of styling, learn how to transform a client’s hair colour with advanced colouring techniques. Test various methods such as balayage, freehand colour, the money piece and highlights; become familiar with an array of chemical colour options including permanent and semi-permanent options; and understand proper timing for chemical processes such as neutralising the hair after lightening or toning with plex treatments such as OlaPlex, WellaPlex & more. With advanced hairdressing knowledge, you will have the confidence and skills you need to create beautiful hair designs for your clients.

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Join Us!

So if you’ve been thinking of getting yourself booked onto a hairdressing course the get in touch with us for an informal chat! We’ll be happy to offer any recommendations and advice before booking your course if you’re still uncertain as to which course you’re after. Also if you’re in a group we can tailor the course to suit your exact requirements.