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Learn how to develop as a hairdressing for commercial success.

High quality, professional hairdressing requires planning and training. Knowing the essential elements of a successful training plan is key to mastering the craft. From understanding your client’s needs to developing your own signature style, follow this step-by-step guide to create your own recipe for success in the hairdressing world.

Client Service

Learning how to best meet the needs and wants of clients is an essential part of the hairdressing process. Being able to recognise each individual’s needs and preferences, their hair type, skin tone, facial features, as well as lifestyle & routine, will help you tailor your work and exceed expectations. Understanding how to consult with customers to come up with a plan that suits them, both in terms of fashion style and long-term hair care goals, will help ensure ultimate client satisfaction, and keep them coming back to you.

curly hair texture

Understanding Different Hair Types and Textures

In order to create the perfect hairstyle for a client, it’s important to have an understanding of different hair types and textures. From fine and sparse, to coarse and curly, getting to know these characteristics can help you style every kind of customer in the most flattering way. Understanding what products work best for each individual, such as heat-protecting mists or specialised conditioners, is also important. This knowledge will help ensure that your client leaves feeling both beautiful and cared for!

Hair Cutting Skills

It’s essential for any successful hairdresser to develop precision cutting skills. Hair cutting requires a practiced eye and steady hand, as well as knowledge of the different types of scissors used to accomplish certain looks. How sharp should your blades be? What shape of blade is best for creating layers? Properly honed scissors can make all the difference in achieving a cut with clean lines and balanced layers. Investing time in understanding the fundamentals will pay dividends – better styles, less reshaping, and improved client satisfaction! Before joining the foundation cutting or back to hairdressing course at the MAJOR Academy you must ensure your scissor quality is sufficient.

advanced hair cut - square resolution
true grey hair colour

Proper Use of Hair Styling Tools and Products

Learning how to properly use hair styling tools and products is an invaluable skill for any hairdresser. Knowing the right product and styler to use, as well as understanding how to apply them in a creative way, can make or break a style. Investing time in researching and experimenting with different products will help you develop your own signature looks! Finally, it’s important to remember that healthy hair is essential for good style outcomes. Knowing which products are best-suited for different hair types, textures, and styles will give you the confidence needed to create beautiful styles for all of your clients.

Understanding Colour Theory and Techniques for Hair Colouring Services

Colour theory and technique are essential skills to master when developing a successful hairdressing business. Knowing the basics of colour theory will help you determine which shades complement each other, and how to combine them in interesting ways that look modern and stylish. Learning the latest hair colouring techniques, such as balayage and ombre, is also important for staying on trend and meeting your clients’ expectations. Investing time in research or even engaging in hands-on training can help you develop your aesthetic understanding beyond what’s taught in school! Join us at the MAJOR Academy and learn colour from Master Colour Expert Darcy Major.

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Join Us!

So if you’ve been thinking of getting yourself booked onto a hairdressing course the get in touch with us for an informal chat! We’ll be happy to offer any recommendations and advice before booking your course if you’re still uncertain as to which course you’re after. Also if you’re in a group we can tailor the course to suit your exact requirements.