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Discover how to choose the perfect hairdressing Academy for you! Use our guide to compare courses and find out everything you need to know before joining.

If you’re looking to start a career in hairdressing but aren’t sure where to begin, attending a hairdressing academy can be an excellent way to learn the skills and gain the qualifications necessary to pursue your dreams. Learn how to find the right academy for you by considering course content, cost, and other factors.

Check What Support Will Be Provided During the Course.

An important factor to consider when choosing between hairdressing academies is the type and level of support that will be provided during the course. Look for academies which offer a combination of one-to-one assistance from experienced tutors, remote study sessions, and in-person classes so that you can fully benefit from the training offered. It’s also worth checking if they provide any additional support services, such as career guidance or job placements upon completion of the course.

Consider Location, Cost, and Requirements.

When deciding between hairdressing academies, it’s important to consider the location and cost of each course, as well as any requirements such as qualifications or prior experience. If you’re limited by where you can study due to travel or financial constraints, there may be suitable courses available closer to home. Evaluate the cost of each course and factor in any additional costs such as the purchase of specialist equipment or materials. Finally, ensure that you meet the minimum qualification or experience level required for enrolling in a course before committing to any fees.

Learn What Supplies You’ll Need to Bring.

Before you begin your hairdressing course, make sure to research the specific supplies and materials that you’ll need to bring with you. Generally, this will include items such as brushes, combs, scissors and clips, but other items may be required such as towels and capes. Your course information should provide a comprehensive listing of the supplies needed for each class so make sure to source these before starting. Additionally, the academy’s website should detail any fees related to equipment purchases or tuition fees.

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Now a member of the very exclusive Master Colour Expert Alumni Community, backed with the product and chemistry knowledge that this programme delivers, Darcy can bring this back to the salon, educating her guests, her team around and truly push the possibilities in the science of hair to the limit.

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